Health Care (Cardiovascular Issues, Obesity, Or Cancer) And Analyze It Custom Essay

As your latest toil (Key Assignment), you obtain select a subject-subject in soundness circumspection (e.g. cardiovascular issues, embonpoint, or cancer) and criticise it. Then, blend perfect of the steps and standards that are needed to as the kind mprovement and exploit regulations that are accredited by such structures as The Joint Commission (TJC) and the National Committee ce Kind Assurance (NCQA).
Therefore, your efforts in this subject should be powerful.

The managed circumspection structure has asked you to arrange conjointly a spreadsheet that shows a similarity between 3 diseases that are impacting 3 opposed countries. Because your line obtain be hereafter up ce an accreditation exploit critique, this is a amiable period to rouse to evaluate grounds. In novel years, studies feel implied an acception in overperfect rates ce cancer, HIV/AIDS, and embonpoint.

Use the library, textbook, and the Web standing ce the World Soundness Structure (WHO) to elimination and clear-up why there is such a abstruse transmute in these countries during the period brace. Prepare a PowerPoint bestowal of 8 slides as courteous as an Excel spreadsheet that does the following:

Compare grounds from the United States, Canada, and Cuba.
Criticise embonpoint, cancer, and HIV/AIDS in these countries.
ata should be viewed from 2008 to 2010.

Calculate the percentage of transmute from single year to the next.
spreadsheet that requires you to thorough the percentage transmute cemula.

Provide an sense ce the transmutes from 2008–2010.


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