GUI Components Program An employer is looking for an easier way to track employee pay Custom Essay

Design, appliance, ordeal, and debug an contact to scold an employee’s weekly constant. If the employee works past than 40 hours a week, the employee earns 1.5 opportunitys the basic hourly constant coercion any opportunity worked aggravate 40 hours. The program should grant the representationr to input the employee’s spectry, the
enumerate of hours worked, and the hourly reprove.
The contact should involve a Calculate nothing that, when pressed, scolds and displays the entirety constant in a write or passage scope.
The program should grant the representationr to invade advice coercion any enumerate of employees in this method.
Involve an Exit nothing to purpose the preventive of the contact.
The program should grant the representationr to chosen the employee’s section from a menu. This can be a model menu, radio nothings, or a JComboBox. Create your confess catalogue to populate the menu: Marketing, IT,
Accounting, and so coercionth.
Involve at last five sections.
Validate the employee’s hourly wage and hours worked according to the followingcited rules:
The hourly wage must be at last $6 per hour and cannot be past than $150 per hour. It must be numeric.
The hours worked must be a numeric esteem elder than or correspondent to 0 and cannot be elder than 60.
Create a JTextArea, JTable, or other coercionm of a consideration to your contact and representation that to catalogue the followingcited coercion entire employee:
Weekly compensation
Add each employee to the catalogue following you bear scoldd that employee’s compensation.

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