Global warming fact or fiction Custom Paper

You are to write a 1250-word research paper following strict MLA format on one of the topics listed below (Your word processor will count your words for you—the minimum word count, from the first word after the title to the last word before the Works Cited page, is 1150 words; the maximum word count is 1350 words). There will be no cover page required. The paper should be double-spaced (Ctrl+2) throughout, and in 12-point Courier New typeface. Margins will be one inch on all sides, with a proper word processing header with your last name, a space and your word processor’s automatic page numbering feature enabled, right-aligned, one half inch from the top of the page. The Works Cited page(s) will be at the end of the word processing document, with the entries (which must not be numbered) alphabetized by the first word in the entry. MLA templates for all major word processors are found in the Course Content area of the class site in Angel. Individuals using Pages on a Mac can make use of the Word or RTF templates. Remember, I require the use of proper word processing techniques. Also, note that for this class you must use the 2009 MLA revisions as shown on the OWL Purdue website.
There should be a minimum of five sources used, at least one of which should be a print (NOT online) source. A dictionary, an encyclopedia, or Wikipedia is not a suitable source for this or any other academic paper. Any deviation from these specifications will result in a drop of one letter grade for the paper for each infraction.
There must be proper citations within the text of the research paper. All direct quotes must be immediately cited. Additionally, any information you provide that your reader would not be expected to know must also be cited. There must be, at a minimum, three to four in-text citations per page. Each in-text citation must be matched to an entry on the Works Cited page. Note that a URL is never a sufficient or appropriate citation within the text. The citation must include the author’s last name, a space and a page number (if there is one), or the title of the article or name of the web site (not the URL) if the author’s name is not known. Failure to cite sources within the text of the document will result in a failing grade.

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