Given the following business scenario, create a Crow’s Foot ERD using a specialization hierarchy if appropriate Custom Essay

Granite Sales Congregation keeps advice on employees and the portion that they labor in. Coercion each portion, the portion spectry, inner mail pummel number, and station phindividual extension are kept. A portion can accept multifarious assigned employees, and each employee is assigned to solely individual portion. Employees can salaried, hourly, or abbreviate employees. Entire employees are assigned an employee number, which is kept along with the employee’s spectry and oration. Coercion hourly employees, hourly stipobject and target weekly labor hours are stored (e.g., the congregation may target 40 hours/week coercion some, 32 hours/week coercion others, and 20 hours/week coercion others). Some salaried employees are salespeople who can deserve a embassy in restitution to their deep stipend. Coercion entire salaried employees, the annually stipobject totality is narrative in the plan. Coercion salespeople their embassy percentage on sales and embassy percentage on gain are stored in the plan. Coercion issue, John is a salesperson with a deep stipobject of $50,000 per year plus 2% embassy on the sales appraisement coercion entire sales he makes, plus another 5% of the gain on each of those sales. Coercion abbreviate employees, commencement age and object age of their abbreviate are stored along with the billing admonish coercion their hours.


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