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The research paper should contain at least four (4) scholarly resources and must be properly footnoted using an acceptable, graduate level style for citations.

Generally, the research paper must be worthy of graduate level work and should generally follow the following format:
I. Overview of the Subject Issue
II. Research and Discussion Supporting One Side or View
III. Research and Discussion Supporting the Opposing View
IV. Discussion and Analysis of the Issue relating to the opposing viewpoints
V. Your scholarly Conclusion relating to the particular Issue, based upon Critical Thinking Skills and Analysis

Please DO NOT make the following mistakes on your paper:
1. Write a high-school research paper on the topic assigned. For instance, on a topic of “diversity in the workplace”, don’t write a paper that tells me what diversity is. Your paper should argue the underlying issues of the topic and present views and analyses worthy of scholarly attention and practical implication among business-people in society. Strive to be one who may be considered an expert on the topic, worthy of being quoted for the limited work that you perform on the subject!
2. NO long quotes. Graduate students understand that their job is to synthesize the work of others into coherent ideas. There should be little need to provide any quote of more than two sentences in length.
3. NO paraphrasing of articles. As graduate students, you may cite another’s idea, but your work must be original and creative.

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