Functionalist Paradigm; Theoretical Underpinning of Functionalist Theory of organisations Custom Essay

Part 1- Theoretical Underpinning of Functionalist Theory of organisations. Part 2- TWO theoretical approaches within the Functionalist paradigm which relates to my own experience should be selected. Hence, I think to answer this part definition of the two theoretical approaches and how and why the two approaches relate to the school I work should be included. (when choosing approaches under functionalist paradigm please choose from the 6 approaches given on the Module 2 overview. Refer to attachment) Followed by that the question asks to provide an in-depth description of each approach and to critically analyse the current relevance of the selected theories to the organisation and management of the educational institutions. In this part I think some major aspects could be taken such as: Decision Making, Role/Responsibilities of individuals, managerial techniques, communication, goal attainment, flexibility etc. and strengths and weaknesses should be critically analysed. Part 3- Finally the question asks to illustrate the answer as a metaphor. here I feel that a short description of the metaphor how and why it relates to the school I work is required. ABOVE IS HOW I INTERPRET THE ASSIGNMENT QUESTION I’M SURE YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT THE EXAMINER EXPECTS (FYI. since I’m doing a distance course I don’t get much help and ideas from the lecturer) -As information and texts related to Functionalist Paradigm is on Module2, I have attached the overview of the Module 2 and the texts and bibliography suggested by the examiner for this module. the examiner expects to see most references from the texts provided and the suggested books, (Bolman, L.G. & Deal, E. (2008). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice and leadership (4th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey Bass. Morgan, G. (2006). Images of organization (updated ed.). Thousand Oaks, California: Sage) however i believe that including other references will make the assignment rich. (FYI. a message sent by the examiner: As you now venture into an understanding of Functionalism – it is important to examine the study book sections 2.1 – 2.2.4. This section sets out how you view functionalism. Use this criteria when you start considering each “approaches” related to this theory. Can I also suggest that you carefully examine the classical machine approach and then skim all the other types and select several to explore in depth. Always select ones that can assist you best to complete assignment one – the overall coverage gives everyone plenty to work with as your apply the theory to practice. Also, you may find that there are elements on a number of approaches within your organisation – rather than a “pure approach” and as such it is important to wonder why this is the case -Examiner-) Note: Since the Assignment question asks to relate to my experience and the school that I work in, could you please keep a particular, imaginary school (from South/South East Asia) in your mind when you write the essay? I believe most of the educational organisations face similar issues and the strengths and weaknesses in the schools are common in almost all the schools. therefore I believe relating to a school in the parts asked to do so won’t be a problem. I got to know from a student who did this course last semester, that the examiner is v strict on referencing and some students have failed in the past for not including references from what she has suggested. (pls find the attached documents for further information) Please let me know if any further information is required.

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