Formulating global and cross-border alliances is a useful component to support international business Custom Paper

1- The essay needs to have at least 10-12 references in it. Use the
prescribed textbook which is;Deresky, H. (2011), International
Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures 7ed. Pearson Education,
New Jersey, and 1-3 other current relevant textbooks. At least five of
the references should be recent, relevant, refereed journal articles
2- The rest of the references please must use Google scholar
peer-reviewed journal articles, please don’t include online resources,
just use peer-reviewed journal articles from Google scholar
3- If you cannot get access to the Google scholar peer-reviewed journal
articles you can access my university portal: which is my vu portal, the
username is: s4154958, the password is: Mabrook191155. And you can find
the Google scholar it’s under the library, or you can use victoria
university database.
4- I will attach the assignment structure, please follow it carefully,
and if you want to change the question that’s i have provided to you it
is OK, you can choose just 1 question from the 4 question listed in the
assignment question, you can find the question on the file that i have
upload it to you

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