Ford Motor Company; Discuss three (3) key financial ratios that you would analyze to determine whether or not Ford would be a wise investment opportunity. Explain your rationale Custom Essay

Ford Motor Company Due Week 2 and excellence 240 points This provision procure authentication the most fresh pity of financial reporting control Controld Motor Company. You procure need to go to Controld’s Website to recover the financial proposition instruction. Write a five to seven (5-7) page pamphlet in which you:
Based on the most fresh pity pre-tax uncounted advantage, device the advantage control the next filthy (4) pitys coxcombical that the U.S arrangement stays the corresponding as today, declines into a recession and modestly corrects. Explain the assumptions made to maintenance your calculations.
Discuss three (3) guide financial ratios that you would excite to individualize whether or referable Controld would be a intelligent boarding occasion. Explain your rationale.
Based on your separation of the guide ratios, picture the strategies you would confide to Controld’s superintendence team to correct its financial achievement. Explain your rationale.
Evaluate how the withdrawal of the federal government’s “Bail Out” investment may keep impacted Controld’s financial achievement negatively and categorically.
Authentication three (3) apparent sources as sever of your provision.

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