For each of the following chapter topics, compose a thoughtful, organized, and well written one page essay Custom Paper

Application Assignments
For each of the following chapter topics, compose a thoughtful, organized, and well written one page essay. Each essay response must be double-spaced, 12 space font, not to exceed the one page limit per chapter topic. Be sure each topic is logically organized, concise, and grammatically correct.
Chapter 3 Breastfeeding
What are the advantages/disadvantages of breastfeeding? In your opinion, what is a typical American’s position on this issue? Why don’t more American women choose this method? In your opinion, how is American culture helping or hurting breastfeeding mothers? What can be done to encourage mothers to breastfeed (in terms of the individual, family, society?)
Chapter 4 Day Care
What are the different types of child day care? Which model is best and why? What is the impact of day care on child development? If you have, or will have children in the future, what kind of day care will you or would you select and why? What can our nation do to improve the nature of child care in the United States?
Chapter 5 Child Maltreatment
What is child maltreatment? How is it recognized? What impact does child maltreatment have on the development of the child in terms of psychological and social growth? What is the appropriate response for those found guilty of child maltreatment? What can society do to lessen and eventually end child maltreatment?
Chapter 6 Violent Media and Early Childhood Development
What impact (if any) does playing violent video games have on children in this stage of development? Should children be allowed to watch violent programming? Did you watch or play violent video games? In your opinion, what impact (if any) did it have on your own development? What (if anything) could or should parents do about violent programming in a child’s environment? Should our government pass laws regarding violent programming? If so, what?
Chapter 7 Childhood Obesity
What factors (individual, family, societal) have contributed to the childhood obesity epidemic? What implications does childhood obesity have on our society? What role can the family, school, community, etc play in combating childhood obesity? What are some of your own ideas that would help in getting this problem under control?
Chapter 8 Family Structure
Of the various family models (nuclear, stepparent, blended, etc), which one do you think is the most ideal? Why? Which is the least ideal? Why? Growing up, which type(s) of family structure did you experience? How did that structure affect your development?
Chapter 10 Sex Education
At what age should a child/adolescent learn about sex education? What and how should the subject be explored? Who should have this discussion with the child/adolescent (mom, dad, both, other)? What role should schools play in this area of development? How important is sex education? What are some possible implications (if any) on the child/adolescent if this topic is not addressed?
Chapter 13 Divorce
What are some explanations as to why the divorce rate is near 50% for first time marriages in the United States? What can be done to increase the success rate of marriage? What should couples consider before getting a divorce? What impact does a divorce have on the spouse, child(ren), or extended family? What can or should families, schools, religious institutions, society do to increase the success of marriage?
Chapter 14 Aging Stereotypes
What are some common stereotypes about older people? Are such stereotypes true? Do you hold a positive or negative perception about aging? What (if anything) are you looking forward to as you age? What scares you the most about getting older?
Chapter 16 Death
How has death changed over the last 100 years? What do you find most frightful or hopeful about death? What does it mean to have a “good” death? How would you plan for a good death? What effect would your death have on your spouse, family, friends, etc? How do you want to be remembered?

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