Food and Sustainable life – Theology paper; An exegetical paper to be completed by each student individually Custom Paper

This project is your final- 20% of the semester grade
The final project is composed of two parts:
1) An exegetical paper to be completed by each student individually. (80% of grade) 2) A group presentation with other students over the same prophet. (20% of grade)
Exegetical Paper
The Assignment
• Each student must complete an exegetical paper which looks in detail at an assigned section of a prophet.
• The paper should be a total of eight (8) to ten (10), double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, plus a bibliography. Title page does not count as a page.
• Each paper must be properly annotated using Chicago Style documentation. See your handout or
• Both content and clarity of expression are important.
• Use of sub-titles is mandatory.
Follow this outline (I mean it.)
 Translation Comparison
You will need to include two different translations side by side. You will then note and
comment on any differences in the translations and the affect that the differences has on the passage. You must use a translation and not a dynamic equivalent like The Message or The Word on the Street. The NIV, KJV, NKJ, ESV, and NASB are all safe bets and can be found on
 Word Study
Using, you will research one Hebrew word or phrase of significance
from your passage. Then, using the circles of context, you will investigate its meaning based on its use in the rest of Scripture and analyze its significance in your passage.
 Historical background of the text
State when the text was written by the prophet and the events surrounding this time.
You will be asking basic historical background questions such as: Who is the author? What is the date of the writing? Who or what else is going on within the prophet’s community? Are they fearful, joyful, angry, broken and why? What is going on in the Ancient Near East at this time? (Assyria, Babylon, Persia) Why does this matter to Israel? Are there any references to past historical events in the Bible or with the other nations? Why? Then, you will analyze how the background contributes to/clarifies/impacts the message of the prophet?
 Movement of the text
Analyze the form of the text. Describe the “major movements” of the thought of the text.
Identify characteristics such as the genre, imagery, personification, metaphor, symbolic language, hyperbole, etc. which the prophet may be using to make his point. Try to figure out why the he is using these devices. What is their significance? At any given point, is the prophet warning, comforting, promising, commanding, wishing, declaring, asserting? What
1does he hope to accomplish with this strategy? Account for every part of the text; how does it fit in with the other parts, or relate to the whole? This task is very much “descriptive” in nature. Be sure to look both for small particulars and for larger themes, especially things that are emphasized or repeated. Don’t forget Law and Gospel identification and explanation as well.
 Themes and Theology
What is the overall theme of the text? What evidence do you see for this theme in your
passage? Then use to the circles of context to relate the themes and theology of the text to the immediate context, to the rest of the book, to the rest of the OT, and relate it to the NT. Look for typology here as well. Think 3 mountains.
***This is by the most significant section and should receive special attention.
 Summary and Application-
Summarize your investigation of the text and apply the message of this section of
Scripture to the particular needs and problems of 2013. Do not write this section until you have completed the entire paper. Once you finish the Themes and Theology section, reread it and ask yourself, “Who needs to hear this message?”
 Bibliography
Chicago Style Bibliography of all resources cited within the paper.
• Each paper must use at least six (6) sources. o Zero (0) internet sources
o Six (6) minimum must be print sources, such as books (you should already have these.)
o Only one Bible may be used as a written source, I suggest the Concordia Study Bible and The Lutheran Study Bible.
o All 6 of these sources MUST BE CITED in the paper.
• Copies of all highlighted sources with notes MUST be included with the final draft or it will
not be accepted. If using a book, photocopy the pages used and also the title page of the book.
• Don’t cite one source 20 times and others one time; use all of your resources equally.
• You may use as many resources as you wish- no maximum.
Due March 5/6
• All 6 sources need to be highlighted with notes. o Zero (0) internet sources
• Chicago Style Bibliography that includes all sources.
• Chicago Style Title Page
Extra Credit Opportunity (only eligible if paper is complete)
• 10% if turned in by March 28
• 5% if turned in by April 9
• 2% if turned in by April 16
Papers must be submitted to dropbox in order to be accepted.

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