Focusing on a real-world business problem faced by an organisation in the creative or cultural sectors Custom Essay

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The second, and final, piece of coursework assessment for this module is a report of up to 3000 words, focusing on a real-world business problem faced by an organisation in the creative or cultural sectors. You can choose either to focus on a single organisation, or if you prefer, you could conduct a comparison of how different organisations have responded to a similar challenge.
The report should focus on a different industry sector than the one you examined in your essay. The primary aim of the report is to examine a business issue or challenge facing the organisation(s) in question. You should draw on the ideas and concepts you have learned in the module to help you analyse the nature of the problem, but you will be assessed mainly on your ability to show how these concepts can be applied in practice.
The report can either focus on a problem facing creative sector organisations right now, with the outcome being a set of recommendations that they should follow to address the issue; or it could focus on a challenge an organisation has faced in the past, with the outcome being an assessment of how successfully the firm was able to overcome it.
Your assignment should be structured like a business report, rather than a conventional academic essay. Some suggested section headings could be as follows:
Executive summary (brief outline of the report’s objective and key findings)
Background / Context (brief overview of the industry, eg. size and growth, how it is structured, important trends; position of the organisation(s) in question in relation to the industry)
Nature of the problem (what exactly is the issue, and how did it arise; is it firm-specific, or a broader issue facing the industry as a whole; what is the scale of the problem; does it threaten to constrain future growth, or does it pose a risk to the firm’s very survival)
Analysis of problem (from your reading / understanding of the issues, what are the key things that the organisation needs to prioritise or protect; what measures may need to be taken to achieve this – what needs to change, and what should be maintained?)
Current position (what is the organisation’s current strategy for addressing the problem; is this working, is it likely to be successful)
Alternative approaches (are there alternative strategies that the organisation could pursue, how do these compare, in terms of likely effectiveness, with the current strategy; are there additional measures the organisation could take to strengthen or support it’s current strategy)
Conclusions / Recommendations
The above is only a generic guide. The actual section headings for your report will depend on the nature of the content covered. (eg. if you are examining a business problem faced by a firm in the past, it would make more sense to have a section on the organisation’s ‘initial strategy’ rather than its ‘current position’)

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