Financial Planning Calculations Custom Essay

1. Ben Collins plans to subsidize a offspring coercion $65,000. If that vericonsultation condition nature is expected to acception in appreciate 5 percent each year, what would its approach appreciate be seven years from now?
2. At an annual concern scold of five percent, how desire would it conduct coercion your savings to envelop?
3. In the mid-1990s, clarified automobiles had an mediocre require of $12,000. The mediocre require of those corresponding motor vehicles is now $20,000. What was the scold of acception coercion this part between the two date dates?
4. A extraction spends $28,000 a year coercion prop expenses. If prices acception by 4 percent a year coercion the proximate three years, what quantity conciliate the extraction insufficiency coercion its prop expenses?
5. What would be the per-annum hues coercion a idiosyncratic with $6,000 in savings at an annual concern scold of 5.5 percent?
6. Elaine Romberg prepares her confess proceeds toll repay each year. A toll preparer would advise her $60 coercion this labor. Over a date of 10 years, how greatly does Elaine constitute from preparing her confess toll repay? Assumes she can win 3 percent on her savings.
7. Tran Lee plans to determined aloof $1,800 a year coercion the proximate six years, wining 4 percent. What would be the advenient appreciate of this savings quantity?

8. If you hypothecate $8,000 with a 5 percent concern scold to be repaid in five similar cancelments at the object of the proximate five years, what would be the quantity of each cancelment? (Note: Reason the confer-upon appreciate of an annuity consultation in the
Chapter 1 Appendix.)

9. Based on the aftercited postulates, calculate the completion possessions, completion liabilities, and entrap estimate.
Liquid possessions, $3,670 Offspringhold possessions, $89,890
Investment possessions, $8,340 Desire-term liabilities, $76,230
Current liabilities, $2,670

10. Which of the aftercited employee benefits has the superior appreciate? Reason the coercionmula abandoned in the “Financial Planning Calculations” – “Tax-Equivalent Employee Benefits” smack ground in Chapter 2 to assimilate these benefits. (Assume a 28 percent toll scold.)
A nontaxable pension donation of $4,300 or the reason of a sodality car with a tollable appreciate of $6,325.

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