Financial Innovations and Monetary Policy: Discuss and critically examine the role and benefits of strong brands to: Brand owners and Consumers Custom Paper

This assignment constitutes 100% of your overall grade for this module.

You are required to produce an academic paper which demonstrates your understanding of key aspects of Marketing Management. The paper should:

1. Discuss and critically examine the role and benefits of strong brands to:
? Brand owners
? Consumers
2. Identify the processes by which a strong brand is created.

The paper should have a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective, containing evidence of critical debate within an appropriate academic literature.

A minimum of 6 academic journal articles should be referred to.

The paper also needs to be grounded in a ‘real world’ business context, identifying application to strategy development. A specific company need not be selected ? generic recommendations to company management are sufficient.

Presentation and Marking Scheme
1. The paper should be based on the material studied in module sessions 8 to14 inclusive. It should not take as its focus the foundational principles of marketing, which is covered in module sessions 1 to 7.

2. It should be of 3,000 words, excluding appendices. The word count for the assignment should appear on the front page.

3. This assignment should reflect a balance between:
a. theoretical understanding, evidenced by research from a range of academic journal sources ? minimum 6.
b. practical application of theory, evidenced by application to marketing strategy to illustrate your discussion and evaluation.

4. Assessment Criteria
Marks will be allocated as follows:
? Structure and Presentation (15%): Correct use of referencing, bibliography. Structure and quality of written expression

? Use of Appropriate Literature (30%): Evidence of research within the academic literature. Reference to 4 academic papers is a minimum requirement.

? Use of appropriate examples (25%): Evidence of ability to apply key concepts within a practical context. Use of examples in support of the debate.

? Level of critical analysis (30%): Evidence of engagement with the academic literature. Flow and coherence of the theoretical argument, culminating in logical conclusions.

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