Examine the cost saving business practice that budget airlines pioneered and critically evaluate its effect on the tourism industry Custom Paper

To complete this essay, you need to read two given journal papers from my attachment. Based upon reading, you are required to complete the following two parties (around 1500 words for each part):

1 Part (around 1500 words)
– Explain what you understand about the concepts and practices discussed in the two given papers;
– Comparing the two papers, which paper/author’s view do you find more persuasive and why?
– Are these any other journal papers written surrounding the topic, which you prefer? Give example (not less than 3) and explain why.
2 part (around 1500 words)
– Based on your understanding of the literature (from part 1), relate the literature findings to your own experience or one company’s practice (case study) to discuss the significance/impact of the concept/practice.

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