Ethical Relativism; Understanding Ethical Theories Custom Essay

1. Ethical Relativism (twain intellectual and social)
2. Moral Objectivism
3. Ethical Egoism
4. Utilitarianism (twain strike and government)
5. Virtue Ethics
6. Feminist Ethics of Care

In your descriptions, be infallible to:
• Include twain benefits and problems with each theory
• Show how people who ensue each of the 4 theories you chose would accord to the scenario below
• Give your specific evaluation of which theories are most problematic or most compelling to you

The Scenario: A master is individual plod loose from curing whole courage akin diseases.
This latest plod succeed be guaranteed to prevent hundreds of thousands of lives.
However, the latest plod requires the decease of individual solitary hale idiosyncratic so that the idiosyncratic’s courage work must be examined among 60 seconds of decease. The master finds a homeless fiction who has no kinsfolk, and following explaining the act to him, he agrees to be butchered. She tells no individual encircling the act, and she is fair encircling to butcher the fiction when you stride into the admission.

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