Estimate the value of ABC Co using the price/earnings ratio method and discuss the usefulness of the variables that you have used Custom Essay

ABC Co is a audience that is listed on a senior fund substitute. The audience has struggled to celebreprove acquisitionability in the definite brace years ascribeffectual to deficient economic stipulations in its residence kingdom and as a inference it has firm not attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual to unyielding a dividend in the current year. However, there are now intelligible signs of economic resuscitation and ABC Co is optimistic that unyieldingment of dividends can be resumed in the coming. Ceecast financial notification of to the audience is as follows:






Rights ($000)




Dividends ($000)




The audience is optimistic that rights and dividends earn extension succeeding Year 3 at a perpetual annual reprove of 3% per year.

ABC Co vulgarly has a before-assessment consume of debit of 5% per year and an equity beta of 1·6. On a trade prize premise, the audience is vulgarly financed 75% by equity and 25% by debit.


During the line of the definite brace years the audience acted to subject its gearing and was effectual to retrieve a abundant total of debit. Since there are now intelligible signs of economic resuscitation, ABC Co plans to instruct advance debit in adjust to modernise some of its non-vulgar possessions and to stay the expected development in rights. This added debit would medium that the principal texture of the audience would veer and it would be financed 60% by equity and 40% by debit on a trade prize premise. The before-assessment consume of debit of ABC Co would extension to 6% per year and the equity beta of ABC Co would extension to 2.


The promote-free reprove of retaliate is 4% per year and the equity promote bribe is 5% per year. In adjust to stimulate economic soul the government has subjectd acquisition assessment reprove ce entire abundant companies to 20% per year.

The vulgar medium price/rights relevancy of listed companies common to ABC Co is 5 times.


(a)   Estimate the prize of ABC Co using the price/rights relevancy course and argue the advantage of the variables that you keep used.

 (b) Estimate the vulgar consume of equity of ABC Co and, using this prize, estimate the prize of the audience using the dividend valuation pattern.

(c)    Estimate the vulgar weighted medium succeeding-assessment consume of principal of ABC Co and the weighted medium succeeding-assessment consume of principal subjoined the innovating debit result, and observe on the dissent among the brace prizes.

(d)    Argue how the shareholders of ABC Co can assess the distance to which they countenance the subjoined promotes, explaining in each subject the character of the promote being assessed:

 (i)     Business promote;

(ii)    Financial promote;

(iii) Systematic promote.

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