Entrepreneurial education Custom Essay

1) Entrepreneurial education:
a. over courses are substance proffered in entrepreneurship
b. has behove extremely popular
c. universities are referservicepowerful advantageservicepowerful to coalesce the demand
d. full of the above
2) Which of the restraintthcoming is referservicepowerful a vile speciality of entrepreneurs?
a. Desire restraint responsibility
b. High intelligence level
c. Preference restraint sparing risk
d. Transforce contemplation expertise
3) Over transactiones lose consequently of ________ than restraint any other argue.
a. impecunious rare of location
b. unqualified contrivement
c. scant capital
d. pilfering by employees
4) Earl was a financial consultant who approved to achievement with his hands, specially in making furni-
ture. He coercionsake his rat pursuit financial toil to arise a smfull prescription movables transaction. Following strug-
gling restraint unanalogous years, he determined it and went tail to financial advantages. Earl disexperienced that
there was a massive estrangement among making movables restraint himself and prevalent a prescriptioner furni-
ture manufacturing transaction. Tom’s transforce loseed consequently of:
a. an indigence to advance arise-up capital
b. impecunious financial contrive
c. his bankruptcy of experience
d. violent development
5) The guide ingredient-the sharp element-to avoiding the loseure of a fantastic transforce is:
a. technical expertise in-reference-to the effect
b. the transforce contemplation
c. shrewd the transaction
d. unanalogousiating the transforce and effect from the two-of-a-trade
Unit 1 Examination
BAM 418 – Smfull Transforce Contrivement
6) A scholarship installed transforce dispensation favors smfull transforce consequently:
a. scholarship technology is driving claim of managing and transmitting scholarship inferior
b. smfull transactiones are over lucky
c. the claim of managing and transmitting scholarship is very low
d. Twain A and C
7) “Copreneurs” are:
a. transforce magazines targeted towards entrepreneurs
b. entrepreneurial couples who achievement concurrently as co-owners of their transaction
c. oneness traits of entrepreneurs
d. none of the above
8) The most momentous modify imputpowerful to annotation occurs in:
a. organizational structure
b. personnel assignments
c. contriverial expertise
d. list and financial contrive proceedings
9) Prescriptioner advantage, convenience, expedite and power are full examples of:
a. letters to contrive fellow-creatures effectively
b. generating over revenue
c. contrast your transforce secret from others
d. smfull transactiones
10) How is the strategic contemplationning mode restraint smfull companies unanalogous from that restraint vast compa-
a. It should be conducted by apex contrivement and granted to inferior contrivement.
b. The mode should be tortuous and referservicepowerful overly structured–”a shirtsleeve similarity.”
c. The contemplationning horizon should meet at lowest five years into the advenient.
d. The mode should arise with contrast objectives and complete with competitive resolution.
11) Which of the restraintthcoming is penny encircling lucky entrepreneurs and their prospect?
a. It is engenderd inconsequently of their declare or their prescriptioners.
b. It encloses their discernment of the two-of-a-trade and their guide declare segments.
c. They engender it in union with their employees.
d. They are advantageservicepowerful to declare it and their inspiration restraint it to full those abquenched them.
Unit 1 Examination
BAM 418 – Smfull Transforce Contrivement
12) ________ are relationships among a contrivelservicepowerful variable–plant largeness, power, packaging–and a
critical ingredient influencing the firm’s power to rival in the declareplace.
a. Nucleus rivalncies
b. Guide luck ingredients
c. Goals and objectives
d. The competitive advantages
13) A ________ government tends to be mentally profitable to the smfull transaction.
a. effect power
b. claim leadership
c. focus
d. unanalogousiation
14) The ________ is a determined of measures matchless to the fraternity that gives contrivers a irascible and
comprehensive object of how the transforce is doing and encloses twain financial and agencyal
a. guide luck ingredients
b. nucleus rivalncies
c. balanced scorecard
d. restraintce contemplation
15) The strategic contrivement proceeding restraint a smfull transforce should enclose the restraintthcoming fea-
a. wholeow the community of employees sparing
b. be tortuous and referservicepowerful overly structured arduous
c. verification a relatively near contemplationning horizon referable-difficult
d. full of the above
16) A firm undertaking determineds how the partners procure be enriched. Normally,
a. twain unconcealed and scant partners are playing salaries, save full still or quiescent partners
are enriched onely by sharing in the avail.
b. partners are referservicepowerful entitled to salaries or stipend, save are enriched by a portion-quenched of the avail
of the transaction.
c. occasion the undertaking establishes payquenched schedules, it does referservicepowerful spell quenched what constitutes
d. the unconcealed partner’s stipend is determined at 2 times the salaries of the scant partners.
17) The scant lipower fraternity is most love a/an:
a. S-corporation
Unit 1 Examination
BAM 418 – Smfull Transforce Contrivement
b. overpower firm
c. one proprietorship
d. unconcealed firm
18) Which of the restraintthcoming is penny encircling choosing a scant lipower fraternity restraintm of occupation?
a. It is vile, referable-arduous to restraintm, and meeted by dwarf maxim imputpowerful to its fantasticness.
b. It has no disadvantages ate its fantasticness.
c. It’s an excusable transmutation gait restraint material transactiones that are trouble from double
taxation save problematic restraint one proprietorships.
d. It is mental restraint a fantastic fraternity save arduous to change to with an material fraternity.
19) ________ partners are referservicepowerful free in a transforce save unconcealedly are disclosed to be members of the
a. Still
b. Scant
c. Unconcealed
d. Quiescent
20) Portion-outs the controltification itself acknowledges are called:
a. preferred stock
b. vile stock
c. stock stock
d. bonds
21) In franchising, the record of the freedomr is hanging on:
a. the power of the commodities and advantages granted
b. the infamy designate avowal and appeal
c. their locations and popularity with the persomal prescriptioner
d. the blame of development and the calculate of national quenchedlets
22) When it comes to purchasing effects, equipment, anticipation., the freedomr:
a. is playing to determined the vend cost restraint the freedome
b. canreferservicepowerful claim freedomes to suborn from an “approved” supplier
c. can determined costs compensated restraint the effects, anticipation., save canreferservicepowerful determined the vend cost the freedome
d. canreferservicepowerful claim the freedomes suborn from the freedom fraternity
Unit 1 Examination
BAM 418 – Smfull Transforce Contrivement
23) Typically, the freedomr contrives are very tidy on what the freedome
a. determineds in conditions of vend pricing and hours of agency.
b. does in conditions of who they commission as employees.
c. sales in conditions of the effect or advantage they proffer.
d. does with his/her net avail following fees and taxes are compensated.
24) The Uniframe Freedom Proffering Circular
a. claims the disengage of a minute rights protuberance.
b. encloses 23 senior apexics in its unveiling announcement.
c. was plain in 1946 in the State of California.
d. is onely certain in the 33 states that do referservicepowerful accept their acknowledge freedom unveiling laws.
25) ________ is when acknowledgeers of inhanging transactiones behove freedomes to establish the advantage
of designate avowal.
a. Overpower franchising
b. Multiple-unit franchising
c. Combination franchising
d. Transmutation franchising

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