Economic gap between north and south opinion Custom Paper

Many people argue that the biggest international relations issue facing our generation will be inequality and the enormous economic gap between the North and South. Currently, the differences in GDP, access to healthcare, potable water, and of course, income between the North and South are abysmal. Those who see this as a problem argue that this is a fundamentally moral issue, but it also behooves the United States and other rich countries to do something about it because inequality can contribute and exacerbate conflict, not to mention that it increases the likelihood of authoritarian countries, leads to environmental degradation and makes the world vulnerable to global epidemics. Thus, they advocate for rich countries to give financial aid to poor countries and to actively try to solve this gap. Others argue that it is not the responsibility of rich countries, and even if they wanted to, it is often the case that when the international community gets involved, they are more likely to exacerbate the problem because of incompetence or their political agenda. What do you think?

Write an essay that explains your position. If you believe that the international community should do something to aid the South, explain why and in which ways. If you believe that the international community should NOT do something, explain instead what they should do to protect themselves from the potential problems like environmental degradation or global epidemics.

This is definitely an opinion paper. However, you will not be graded on having an opinion or one that happens to coincide with mine, you will be graded on how persuasive you make your argument. This means that your paper has to be clear and coherent. It also means that your argument will be much better if you can show data to support it. (This does not mean someone endorsing your opinion. So please do not write, Barack Obama says that, therefore I think that. Dick Cheney wrote that, therefore I think that…).

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