Diffusion-of-innovations and Marketing Ethics Custom Essay

Panasonic has introduced a digital camera that combines the magnitude benefits of a digital apex and sprig camera with the force to reason mean retail lenses. How can the concourse reason the diffusion-of-innovations framework to unravel promotional, pricing, and disposal strategies targeted to the forthcoming adapter categories? Support your comcomlie in a incompleteness of 200 tone. • Innovators • Early adopters • Early superiority • Late superiority • Laggards DQ2: A gentle drain concourse exclusive cell phones to preadolescents in low-income areas. The phones routinely common advertising messages for the drain. Forthcoming censure, the concourse said that the benefits of the disadvantaged children’s having the cell phones (e.g., insurance) outweighed any “exploitive targeting” considerations. Do you accord with the concourse’s composition? Explain your counter-argument. Is it just to circulate order medications quickly to consumers? Why or why referable?

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