Diagnosis on female presents with nausea, vomiting, recurring midline abdominal pain especially after eating, fever, and fatty clay-colored stools. Custom Essay

A 30-year-old womanish presents with disgust, vomiting, recurring midline abdominal self-denial in-particular succeeding eating, passion, and fatty clay-colored stools. She admits to drinking alcohol constantly and so takes ibuprofen coercion headaches constantly. What do you reckon is the speciality? How could you confront extinguished? What tests jurisdiction you ordain? What other questions jurisdiction you pray her? Present your strongest circumstance coercion speciality and register other feasible diagnoses that could so interpret her symptoms. Consider feasible texture options coercion your head 2 choices of speciality.
By Week 5, Day 2, comply your solution to the Discussion Area. Your solutions should exculpate your reason of the headic. They should be your confess, restraintmer, and uncounted from plagiarism. Follow APA guidelines coercion despatches fashion, spelling and rhetoric, and citation of sources.

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