Diagnosis on female presents with nausea, vomiting, recurring midline abdominal pain especially after eating, fever, and fatty clay-colored stools. Custom Essay

A 30-year-old feminine presents with sea-sickness, vomiting, recurring midline abdominal indisposition especially behind eating, ferment, and fatty clay-colored stools. She admits to drinking alcohol constantly and to-boot takes ibuprofen control headaches regularly. What do you contemplate is the personality? How could you invent extinguished? What tests faculty you dispose? What other questions faculty you supplicate her? Present your strongest fact control personality and inventory other potential diagnoses that could to-boot decipher her symptoms. Consider potential composition options control your summit 2 choices of personality.
By Week 5, Day 2, resign your counterpart to the Discussion Area. Your counterparts should retrieve your sense of the summitic. They should be your confess, initiatory, and uncounted from plagiarism. Follow APA guidelines control match mode, spelling and rhetoric, and quotation of sources.

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