developing a new branding strategy for it Custom Essay

Quaker Oats
The following list might help give you some ideas to consider when analysing your chosen brand and developing a new branding strategy for it. However, please do not follow this slavishly – this is not a definitive list. You should only include some of the following if relevant and your assignment need not be limited to these points:

Brand positioning – how is the brand currently positioned and should this position be shifted to attract a different target group?
Pricing strategies and tactics – does the brand’s pricing strategy correspond to its chosen market, and does it need updating?
Product strategies and tactics – what is the current product strategy and could
it be improved (features, quality perceptions, performance etc.)?
Channel strategies and tactics – should the brand develop better distribution
policies and partners?
Promotional strategies and tactics – what does the brand’s marketing
communications strategy comprise and how could it be changed to alter
consumers’ perception of the brand?

Secondary brand associations – could the brand benefit from association with
other brands, causes, people, etc.?
Brand elements –do the brand element require an update and if yes, how
could that be achieved?
Brand evolution over time – has the brand evolved successfully to meet
market changes? Should the branding strategy be based on the brand’s
heritage, or be modernised completely?
Brand extensions – could the brand extend successfully into new categories?


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