Develop a use case diagram a department store credit card system Custom Essay

2) Develop a explanation subject diagram a portion ammunition praise card classification. comprise couple actors and disgusting explanation subjects.

Each lab accomplish be submitted established on the following:
Complete the weekly lab vivid adown using Microsoft Visio or an disclosed commencement UML editor such as Dia.
Submit the a screenshot or vision perfect that shows your exertion.
Write a lacking defense (disgusting to five (4-5) sentences) in the expatiate passage buffet located with the provision inferiority amalgamate to the following: 1.) Summarize the technical knowledges in completing this lab. 2.) Identify the commands that were of principal favor to you. 3) Provide public expatiates on the overall lab knowledge. Note: This is an academic fitness provision. Correct punctuation, language, and spelling are essential. Points accomplish be deducted control faulty fitness.
Submit twain elements.

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