Design a bilingual curriculum framework Custom Paper

A contextual statement that situates your bilingual curriculum framework in cutting edge research in the field of curriculum development—Answer the following questions in this section: What is your thinking about the bilingual curriculum in public schools on the basis of what you have learned about traditionalism and progressivism through the work of researchers, philosophers and educators? How are traditionalism and progressivism addressed in the current standards movement and instructional practice? What are the implications of the tension between traditionalism and progressivism for teaching children in urban, preK-12 public schools? How has No Child Left Behind (NCLB) or Race to the Top (RTTT) influenced the curriculum currently in place and how will it be addressed in the curriculum, standards, and instructional practice in your bilingual curriculum framework? In addition, discuss the rationale for creating programs to help students become bilingual and biliterate. What bilingual model will you choose for your bilingual curriculum framework (e.g., transitional bilingual education, maintenance bilingual education, dual immersion, etc.) Explain you choice of model.

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