Describe these basic components of religious traditions and there relationship to the sacred Custom Essay

Describe these basic components of godly layss and there interconnection to the sacred: What a religous lays says- its training, texts, article, storeies, myths and others
What a godly lays does-worship, orison, trip, impressive and so forth
How a godly lays organizes-leadership, interconnections natant members and so forth.
Identifies clew momentous issues in the consider of faith. 
Includes particular examples from the sundry godly layss forcible in the lection that nobility the sacred-such as impressives of the lgbo to note existence events, the vision pursuit as a dishonorable impressive in frequent Native American societies, or the bias of the shaman as a chief. You may so involve examples from your have godly lays or another godly lays with which you are common.

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