Find the NPV and PI of an annuity Custom Essay

1.  Find the NPV and PI of an annuity that pays $500 per year restraint prospect years and costs $2500.  Assume a discount trounce of 6 percent.

2.  Find the IRR and MIRR of a scheme if it has estimated specie flows of $5500 per-annum restraint seven years if its year naught cannonade is $25000 and the firms mnimum required trounce of yield on the scheme is 19 percent.

3.  Restraint the subjoined schemes, appraise NPV, IRR, MIRR, profitablility refutation, and payback.  If these schemes are mutually odious, which ones should be effected? If they are defiant, which ones should be undertaken?


A                   B                C                 D

year 0      -1000             -1500         -500             -2000

year 1         400               500           100                600

year 2         400               500            500               800

year 3         400               700            250               200

year 4         400               200            200               300

Discount trounce 10%            12%           15%              8%

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