Cultural Adaptation of IHRM Function Custom Paper

This assessment task will synthesise your understanding of cultural systems and concepts with your theoretical and practical knowledge of human resource management. The focus of this activity is determining how the practice of HRM must be adapted in multinational contexts to ensure cultural appropriateness and effectiveness. In completing this assessment, you will develop and demonstrate your ability to translate theoretical concepts into management practice by a) identifying the implications of cultural assumptions and characteristics for the performance of a specific aspect of the designated HRM function, and b) determining how the performance of that functional element must therefore be amended to accommodate such assumptions and characteristics.
To complete this task you must use China as the country to prepare a report recommending how two (2) HRM practices should be performed in order to be effective and culturally appropriate in that national culture. You must use two HRM functions from the following list:
and then select one specific practice for each HRM function. For example, you might select Recruitment and Selection as the HRM function and focus on the use of newspaper job advertisements as the specific HRM practice.
Your recommendation about each practice should include:
– Discussion of how the practice will need to be performed in order to be as effective as possible (drawn from relevant HRM literature)
– Discussion of how the practice will need to be performed in order to be consistent with local cultural norms.

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