Critical Review: What are the main points/arguments made by the author and What have you learned from this article? Custom Paper

For this critical review I will be providing the writer with four different articles that I will upload for
them to read, in order to write the critical review. For each article, a critical review is supposed to
be written with approximately 400 words for each article, which in total will be around 1600 words,
since there are four different articles. For each article, these are the following questions that need
to be answered:
* What are the main points/arguments made by the author?
* What have you learned from this article?
* What new issues have the article prompted you to think about?
* What do you think about the article? Why do you think so?
* How can this article/knowledge gained from it, be useful to your professional training/practice?
These are the five questions that need to answered for each article, in approximately 400 words.
For each review, please mention the title of the article above it, and separate all four reviews with
space between them.

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