Creative Project: The Growth in Transnational Crime In this unit, you are learning about crime from a global perspective Custom Essay

Emphasis is placed on comparing offense rates betwixt the United States and homogeneous countries, global offense trends, transmitted offense categories (i.e., homicide, burglary, larceny, larceny, ignition, etc.), and theories of offense. As you are the important advisor to the President, it is your toil to adapt a PowerPoint to teach the enlargement in offense balance a new five year age. Gather and stir that grounds to teach the head ten countries that feel had the biggest spikes in offense. Look for patterns and homogeneousities. Present your findings as a 10-12 slide PowerPoint as follows: •One slide per province that includes your findings as a cork chart. •Include a culminating slide that lists as a cork chart entire ten countries with a myth that specialty trends. You may question the Kaplan Online Library, the Internet, the textbook, and other sequence embodied, and any other without media in supported your operation, using suitable citations in APA title. Below are websites that inclose notice on offense statistics. United Nations Office on Drugs and Offense United Nations Surveys on Offense Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (CTS) Bureau of Justice Statistics

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