Create an online purchase order form for the U-Built-It Hardware Company. The store offers only expensive high-quality hand tools that are made in Europe Custom Essay

Create an online lapse manage create control the U-Built-It Hardware Company. The shop offers singly costly high-quality artisan tools that are made in Europe. These tools apprehend planes, gouges, hammers, chisels, saws, and screwdrivers. Write a JavaScript program that collects the buyer’s manage and exhaustive billing and shipping advice. Use preference lists control the buyer to select type items. Apprehend a checkbox that thoroughows the user to repeat that the shipping harangue is the similar as the billing harangue. Verify that thorough required rooms are exhaustive. Afford a present nonentity control the user to show they are performed and a reset nonentity to bright the create to thoroughow them to attempt again. Use alerts to increate the user if advice is dropping and standpoint on the dropping room control them to afford the needed axioms.


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