Course Research Project: You will develop a brand audit that includes the increasing of its brand equity Custom Paper

Course Research Project: You will develop a brand audit that includes
the increasing of its brand equity. The written project must be
professional in its composition. The plan will be graded on its content
as well as proper grammar, logical construction, and organization. You
should use as many sources as necessary to fully prepare the plan.
Sources include: annual reports, journal articles, newspaper articles,
current industry information (found in publications such as Brandweek,
Advertising Age, Business Week, etc.), conversations with key employees
of the firm, Internet articles, and other materials found via a library
search. An outline for you to follow is found in Appendix A. The heading
and subheadings are to be used and followed in your project. You will
choose any product you desire and choose a particular brand. For
example, you may choose Crest toothpaste. You will then analyze the
brand. During the second week, you are to inform the instructor of the
brand you select to auditThe brand audit plan is to follow the following
written outline. In addition to this written brand audit, you are
required to prepare a presentation that covers the key points and
aspects of your audit. The objective of this project is to experience
the theory and application of pragmatic brand development, analysis, and
I. Executive Summary (Two page summary of the entire paper)
II. Product and Brand Description
III. Brand Elements
A. Name
B. Logo
C. Symbols
D. Characters
E. Slogans
F. Jingles
G. Packaging
H. Associations
IV. Brand Personality
A. Description
B. Fit with target market(s) in terms of each brand element
V. Sample Advertisement(s)
A. Include sample advertisement(s)
B. Analyze each element of the advertisement(s), discussing why it was
chosen and how it communicates the brand
VI. Sources of Brand Equity
VII. Brand Hierarchy
VIII. Strategies for the brand
A. Your interpretation of the firm’s branding element and personality
B. Recommendations (at least 3) for building and managing equity for the
IX. Implementation Plan (Plan to implement the strategies)
X. Evaluation and Control (Plan to evaluate and control the strategies)
XI. References
XII. Appendix

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