Controversy Analysis Essay: Internet Virtual Life Against The Real Custom Essay

Controversy Analysis Essay—- internet virtual life against the real

Controversy Analysis Essay
main thesis: internet virtual life (MMORPG, facebook) against real life, good or bad.
Important; need 6 sources or more, at least 2 must be scholarly sources.
1.«Understanding the Psychology of Internet Behaviour: Virtual Worlds, Real Lives» Adam N. Joinson
2.«Families and the internet: an observational study of children and young people’s internet use»
BySonia Livingstone and Moira Bovill? here is link(
3. Giovanni Navarria
link )
choose 2 from 3 book, upon there, i d rather you choose 1st one, but there is only paper book. i glad hope u have that book.

After identifying a controversial topic of interest to you, you will analyze the various viewpoints and positions held about the topic.
and you will select a minimum of 6 sources to include in your Controversy Analysis
You should not take a stand or argue for a particular viewpoint in this paper (you will be saving the persuasive writing for the third unit). In this paper, your job is to provide an objective overview of what you have learned, with balanced reporting on the various positions or viewpoints related to your topic.

As part of the research process for this essay, you will submit an annotated bibliography
You must smoothly incorporate and cite (MLA) specific information from at least six sources. Your use of source material should be an effective blend of quotation, paraphrase, summary, and common knowledge reported in your own language. Your sources may all come from your annotated bibliography, or you may select some from your annotated bibliography and include some new sources. All of the sources you draw upon must be strong, credible ones within the context of your research project. You must include a Works Cited page with this paper.

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