Conscription and its effect on the outcome of the Civil War Custom Paper

– Your paper is 7-9 pages (not including cover page or works cited)
– Your only sources should come from the annals. You can use your textbook as a source, but only for general information and only sparingly, the overwhelming majority of your essay should come from documents within the Annals of America. You CAN go beyond the list of documents in your sub-topic, but must stay within the Annals of America.

– Always maintain past tense writing. The events we covered happened in the past, so our writing must always maintain past tense. “Jefferson believed…” Not “Jefferson believes…”
– You should never use personal pronouns (words like I, we, you, our, my, us, etc…)
– Quotes are encouraged, but never use a quote longer than one sentence.
– Use times new roman 12pt font, double-space, and 1″ margins.

The attached documents have the example at the end of them on how to cite them

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