Organized Crime; Conduct an organized crime investigation on a well-known Latin American organized crime figure/organization Custom Essay

For your Final Project, you will conduct an organized crime investigation on a well-known Latin American organized crime figure/organization. First, select a crime figure/organization and investigate their background and the crimes they have committed. Then research the law enforcement strategies, tools, and federal statutes used in investigating and prosecuting an organized crime case.
In a 5-6 page paper, identify and explain in detail, what law enforcement strategies, tools, and Federal Statutes you would use in your investigation and subsequent prosecution of the crime figure/organization in Federal Court.
Provide supporting explanation of why you chose certain law enforcement strategies, tools, and Federal Statutes and how they can be effectively used in the investigation and prosecution of the crime figure/organization. Use examples to support your discussion. Also include a brief summary of what you have learned through your investigation.

You will have to use outside resources to complete this assignment.

You must use at least two sources to support your project, excluding the assigned
text. You are encouraged to use the Kaplan online library and writing center.

Appropriate reference
materials are nonfiction books, academic journal articles, research projects,
professional publications, research-based material from university websites,
theses, or dissertations.

Inappropriate material
consists of newspaper editorial columns, magazine articles, unsupported
websites, and academic papers that have not been subject to peer review.

Cite all sources on a
separate reference page at the end of your paper and cited within the body of
your paper using APA format

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