“Compartive Law (Trade and Foreign Investment in China)” Custom Paper

I’ve a final exam in "Compartive Law (Trade and Foreign Investment in China)"
-The answer should rely highly on course materials provided ( note: you can look up the internet ,
as wikipedia , for further information beside the course materials)
– The paper should be typed double spaced and about 10 pages for 5 Questions (which supposed
to allocate 2 pages for each question).
The questions are:
1. Given the limit on the total investment is $100 million, what are the alternatives for the
structure, financing and management of the computer manufacturing project and the semiconductor manufacturing project, and the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative? What
is your recommended alternative and why?
2. What other concerns/issues should DFW consider if your recommended alternative is selected by
the Board?
3. What kind of investment incentives could SEZ provide to DFW to make the entire project
(computers, semi-conductors and infrastructure) viable?
4. What intellectual property concerns do you see, and what protections are available for DFW’s
proprietary technology?
5. If a controversy arises in respect of the investment, what dispute resolution mechanisms are
available to DFW resolve the matter?

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