Compare and contrast TWO IMAGES in context to the historical period that they belong Custom Paper

Please compare these two images that I will provide, they are two images from the late Qajar period of Iran. I would like you to compare them in accordance to historical context and the depiction of women and the representation of the female figure and its contrast in the sense that they are atypical and quite scandalous in the conservative empire. I would also like you to note the western influence and the influence of Mirza Baba in these paintings. Please just include a thorough explanation. I realise that this is a very tight deadline but it is absolutely imperative that you submit it at this time. It is fine if it is a little under the word count (no less than 1750) but please use JSTOR as your sources. the login details are:login by instition: School of oriental and african studies, login username: 544296 password: 06-Aug-92 (PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD THIS INFORMATION IT IS CONFIDENTIAL) also I have found it diffucult to upload it on to the website so I uploaded the powerpoint (of which you will find the slides please pick two of the provided) Again; please pick apart the details and the form/style/colours/use of light/technique and analyze it in its historical context. Thank you

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