Compare and contrast contemporary theorists views on Social conflict and Stratification Custom Paper

Compare and contrast contemporary theorists views on the following:
Social conflict and stratification. All 12 theorists and their books
must be referenced in the paper (Parsons, Sorokin, Merton, Dahrendorf,
Alexander, Smelser, Bourdieu, Giddens, Habermas, Beck, Bauman and Cohen.
Present and interpret the main arguments of these theorists views on
social conflict and stratification while comparing and contrasting. It
is more important to discuss significance and practical sociological
applications in addition to comparing and contrasting rather than just
summarizing the books. Please make sure to include proper page citations
in the paper and that they are formatted correctly. All of the books are
uploaded now with the order except Cohen. The Cohen book will be
uploaded on 4/24 by 9:00am CST.

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