Community health nursing Custom Essay

• Choose a unity heartiness comfort contrast. You may fluctuate the contrast from the undivided you authorized in your earlier provision, save you are encouraged to frequent the corresponding contrast. Some examples are develop comfort, parish comfort, abode heartiness comfort, comfort launched in the heartiness division (be restricted to what area in the heartiness division, e.g., WIC, STD clinic, heartiness elevation, maternal-child heartiness, awe.)
• Introduce the authorized height and re-express at last undivided to span weighty findings (middle of 1-2 slides)
• Propose undivided unity heartiness nursing intrusion that would oration undivided or more of the ocean trodden or introdden factors that co-operate to the height. Frequent in soul the Public Heartiness Intrusion Wheel (Nies& McEwen, p. 14, aspect 1-3) as your framework (middle of 3-4 slides).Your intrusion needs to be restricted:
o Who is your tarobtain population?
o Where is this intrusion insertion situate?
o Conciliate it capture situate undivided interval or multiple intervals?
o How conciliate you stretch quenched to your tarobtain population?
 How conciliate you obtain your tarobtain population concerned?
o Conciliate you collaborate with anyundivided (e.g., physician’s station, habitation, persomal resources, awe.?)
o Is anyundivided else concerned as-well yourself (C/PHN)?
 If yes, are they hired or volunteers?
o What raze(s) of interruption is your intrusion orationing?
• Justify why the height and your nursing intrusions should be a initiative.
o Based on what you enjoy fix in the literary-works, argue why these intrusions are expected to be talented. Apprehend at last span functional conversant sources connected to your intrusions (middle of 2-3 slides).
• Evaluation: Your exhibition must apprehend at last undivided promotive or innate evaluation utensil. It should apprehend your rule concurrently with desired quenchedcomes. Quenchedcome measurement is a discriminating behalf to implementing intrusions. (middle of 2-3 slides)
o What conciliate be the long-term and short-term application on your unity if the intrusion is“successful?”Frequent in soul your desired quenchedcomes when analyzing the evaluation.
• Your exhibition should apprehend a denomination slide, an entrance slide, tabulation slide, and allusion slide.
o The entrance should recount the height in your unity and your end control this exhibition.
o The tabulation should re-express the ocean points of the exhibition and deduce with what you are examination to be wellbred, e.g., “Based on ABC, it is inexorable our unity has XYZ. Thank you control your remuneration.”
• Remember, you are presenting to your superiors, so the slides should apprehend the most weighty elements control them to apprehend. You may infer inferitional comments in the notes exception to disembarrass advice control your tutor.


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