Code of Ethics Assignment: create an original Code of Ethics for your company or organization Custom Paper

Your task is to create an original Code of Ethics for your company or organization. You may also choose to create a Code of Ethics for a fictitious company or organization if you prefer not to use your employer. Codes of conduct for military do not qualify for this assignment. In your company Code of Ethics, please include the following:
• Guiding principles
• Purpose of the code
• Core values
• Training and education
• Definitions
• What employees it covers
• How it will be implemented/communicated
• How it will be enforced and reported
• Mission statement
• Other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive Code of Ethics
Please include a short introduction and background of the company/organization and a summary of the Code in your paper.
This assignment must be 6-8 pages in length. The title page and reference pages are not included in the required paper length. CSU requires that students use the APA format in writing course papers. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. Your paper should contain at least three references
MBA 6301, Business Ethics 3
in addition to the textbook and may include Internet sources, books, and professional journals or other pertinent resources. Do not copy or plagiarize others materials. Use references less than four years old.
Submit a comprehensive outline by e-mail to the professor for approval prior to initiating writing. Points can be deducted if your assignment is submitted without an approved outline.

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