Choose an American literary work (poem, story, novel, play) Custom Essay

1. Choose an American literary work (poem, story, novel, play) that we DID NOT READ this semester and write an essay in which you argue that I should include this text the next time I teach this class. (I chose "To Build a Fire" by Jack London)

2. In addition to quoting the author’s words from the text you’ve chosen (which is REQUIRED), you must have at least 2 outside sources that help you make your argument. For the outside sources, I would like you to use books.

3. Some suggestions for writing if you get stuck:
• What do you think a future class would gain from reading/discussing your choice? Why?
• How does this work “fit in” with the other writers/topics that we talked about? Or does it offer something we failed to cover in class?
• What do literary critics have to say about the work you chose?

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