Characterizing Network Traffic Custom Essay

“Characterizing Network Traffic,” you conversant environing Genome4U, a or-laws scrutiny contrivance at a extensive university that plans to posteriority the genomes of 100,000 volunteers. The contrivance accomplish besides make a regular of publicly free postulatesbases with genomic, stroke, and medical postulates associated with the volunteers. Genome4U’s capital exaltation is going courteous, and the contrivance is structure a multistory lab restraint environing 500 scrutinyers. The contrivance network engineers accomplish be implementing a odd internetwork restraint the lab using Cisco switches and routers. The network engineers plan to verification EIGRP on the odd routers. However, network designs are never that unconstrained. The odd internetwork besides needs to disclose with manifold employment partners, including a nearby biology lab that verifications RIP and a capital-exaltation duty that verifications OSPF. The lab besides needs Internet advent, which it hopes can be achieved by simply connecting the network to the university’s campus network, which has Internet advent.

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