Case scenario: Manu Nara owns several first-class hotels worldwide, including properties in Manhattan, Bombay, and even some in suburbia Custom Essay

Case scenario: Manu Nara owns various first-class taverns worldwide, including properties in Manhattan, Bombay, and
even some in suburbia. He omissions to shape unfailing that the human/computer interface is mismisappropriate to
each humanization referablewithstanding omissions to be operative to divide the software unformed every of his tavern transgressions
Design a nested menus interface ce a check-in and check-out tavern transgression regularity that can be
used internationally. Representation total to chosen a menu ace. Show how each menu ace would observe on a
model PC or MAC evidence. You may representation any of the MS Office products, including Visio to design
your interface. Check with your bigot if you omission to representation Adobe or any other products. The
interface does referable insufficiency to be administrative.
Part 2: Review your representationr interface ce model exercise and uniformity. Ce each nested menu
and referablewithstandington, conceive at lowest five of the controlthcoming feedback options ce representationrs:
1. Acknowledging rejoinder of input
2. Recognizing input is in the redress cem
3. Referableifying input is referable in the redress cem
4. Explain a stay in processing
5. Acknowledging beseech is completed
6. Referableifying beseech was referable completed
7. Help options
Part 3: Create an activity diagram ce a representationr who insufficiencys to shift a transgression.

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