Capacity, Consent Legality Custom Paper

For the relevant information please refer to the lecture notes that are on the portal for week 6
that relate to the area of CONSENT and in particular misrepresentation.
The question is worth a total of 20 marks.
The maximum word limit for the assignment is 1500 words, however, you do not have to write
1500 words.
Note: extra marks will NOT be given for additional information that exceeds the word limit. Marks
may in fact be deducted.
This assignment must be answered using the IRAC method for analysing legal problems.
You need to answer each question under the IRAC headings; however, you do not need to repeat
the same rules if they have been referred to under RULES in previous answers.
As this is not a research assignment it is sufficient that you only refer to the information in the
lecture notes which can be referenced as: “FBL – Lecture Notes 2013”.
Wherever possible in your answer cases should be referred to in support of the principles of law
that are applied to the facts.
Instructions for referencing cases:
When using a well-known legal principle it is necessary to refer to the relevant case that the
principle came from. This is done by providing the case name immediately after the principle (as
shown below) or as a footnote. For example:
Equitable estoppel prevents a promisor from going back on a promise where the promisee has relied
upon it to their detriment: Waltons Stores v Maher (1988) 164 CLR 387.
Note: You do not have to provide details about the case referred to; however, you will need to
provide the complete citation for that case. This is the reference for that particular case and it must
either appear in text (as shown above), as a footnote or in a reference list at the conclusion of the
paper (as shown below). In the above example the citation was given immediately after the case
name. If you choose to do this then there is no need to provide a reference list of cases at the
end of your paper.

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