Can someone help me with this Community Prevention Program After hearing that a neighbor’s child, Jeremy, age seven, was sexually assaulted in the local park, the parents of Cherry Hill township decide that their community needs a program to prevent sexual abuse of their children in the future Custom Essay

Can someone aid me with this Brotherhood Ceefendion Program After hearing that a neighbor’s cadet, Jeremy, antiquity seven, was sexually assaulted in the topical field, the parents of Cherry Hill township determine that their brotherhood needs a program to ceefend sexual abuse of their cadetren in the cethcoming. Prepare a gift ce the parents, providing applicable knowledge they agency love to apprehend in a Sexual Assault Ceefendion program aimed at the cadetren in their brotherhood. Suggest the psychoeducational and supportive approaches that can be effectively used at the brotherhood equalize, such as in brotherhood centers, schools, and political advantage antiquityncies, to agree this knowledge to the cadetren. Address issues of gender, dissonance, and ethics in your gift. 5 – 6 slides and apprehend logician notes ce each slide. In analysis, create believing you possess apprehendd a style slide and a regard slide


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