Business Law; Chris promises Dina $40,000 if she graduates from Eagle College Custom Essay

Write a incomplete oration, among 400 and 500 tone, responding to the ordinance underneath. You are expected to economize the textbook and without instrument to afford respectful and tactile answers to the doubt. Also, be fast to establish interpretation of illustrating examples where embezzle. Submit your achievement in APA restraintmat.

Chris assurances Dina $40,000 if she graduates from Eagle College. Dina enrolls in Eagle, attends full-time restraint indelicate years, and graduates. When Dina asks Chris restraint $40,000, Chris says, “I don’t recollect shy you $40,000. But if there was a assurance, it’s referable compelable, becainterpretation we didn’t chaffer restraint it. And uniform if there was a assurance that would inadequately be compelable, I withdraw it now.” Can Dina compel Chris’s “promise”? Why or why referable?

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