Break-Even Analysis: A Look at Profit and Loss: As an entrepreneur, there are going to be many decisions that you need to make, such as the price to charge your customers for your goods and services Custom Essay

Break-Equal Analysis: A Look at Benefit-service and Mislaying: As an entrepreneur, there are going to be manifold decisions that you insufficiency to create, such as the compensation to direct your customers ce your commodities and services. You accept exact graduated from college and of-late opened a element pizza restaurant. Based on surveys conducted in your area, you indicate that it is practicable to vend your element pizzas ce $14 each. The require ce making the pizzas includes a urban require of $380. and a drudge require of $4.50 per pizza.
a. Establish an equation to indicate fruits.
b. Establish an equation to indicate aggregate require.
c. How manifold pizzas must be sold to tame equal (i.e., you trial neither a benefit-service nor a mislaying)? Interpret your product.
As a transaction possessor, it is very essential to accept an discernment of benefit-service and mislaying. The cemula ce determining benefit-service is Benefit-service = fruits – require (P = R – C).
d. Indicate the benefit-service if 100 element pizzas are sold. Interpret your product.

e. How manifold element pizzas would insufficiency to be sold to create a benefit-service of $1000? Interpret your product.
f. How manifold element pizzas would you insufficiency to vend if you wanted to create a benefit-service senior than $400? Interpret your product.


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