Benghazi Attack Custom Essay

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Research/Evidence: The individual essay will require evidence to support your claim and reasons. This evidence will come from research, using reliable, academic sources. Reliable sources will come from the library and reliable online sources. In addition to library hard sources, you will find reliable sources through the library’s databases, which may be accessed from home. Going online and searching Yahoo or Google, may provide some reliable sources such as newspapers, magazines (.com), government publications (.gov), and sites and research by education institutions (.edu). Sites such as online dictionaries, Wikipedia,, etc. may not be used. Encyclopedias, such as Encyclopedia Britannica online may be used for background information. All sources MUST be credible.

Controversial Issue Essay (Individual Assignment)
Essay: Each student will write his/her individual essay supporting the chosen issue presented. This essay will be a research argument on the controversial issue. You must take a strong stand on the issue. The essay must have a strong argument thesis statement (claim and reasons), provide background on the issue, and include a persuasive argument based on your research. You may choose whether or not to support the issue.

Essay Length/Formation: The essay must be 8 pages minimum to 10 pages maximum, not counting the works cited page(s). It should follow MLA formatting style, with your name, date, and course in the upper left corner and the page number centered at the bottom of the page. The margins must be set at 1 inch on all sides. You must use 12 point Arial or Times Roman. The essay also must be double spaced. In addition to including the Annotated Works Cited page, you will need a Title Page, following MLA style.

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