Begin with the California bill/legislation/proposition you have chosen Custom Essay

California Public Policy Case Study

Use the following “Headings” to structure and identify the major components of your analysis.
• Describe the problem it seeks to address.
• Construct an adequate history that illustrates the environment that prompted the legislation.
• Describe the essential changes that the legislation proposes to make to existing law.
• Summarize the contending arguments to the bill(s).
• Describe the partisan and interest group divisions over these bills. Who benefits or loses? How important was this legislation to the interest groups seeking its passage or failure?
• Explain the bill(s) legislative fate (success/failure) or, if they are still pending, your prediction of their future prospect of success or failure. This could also include the prospect of reintroduction in a modified form in response to the Governor’s veto.
• If your analysis addresses a proposition discuss the key points of the campaigns; both for and against, as well as the money trails.
• Conclude with your own opinions and arguments about the best policy approaches to the problems these bills seek to address.


There will be certain expectations for your paper, regardless of which topic you choose. These expectations concern both the substantive content of the paper and the writing competency from which the final draft was produced.

Substantive Issues: The final grade will be enhanced to the extent that the paper:
• Demonstrates that you have seriously considered the issue at hand, and arrives at independent, compelling conclusions based on your thinking.
• Incorporates relevant course material into the discussion.

Writing Competency Issues: Even the best thinking and brightest of ideas are pretty much wasted unless a paper:
• maintains a clear focus and coherent organizational structure throughout;
• Avoids faulty paragraphs and sentence structures, word choice errors, and basic mechanical errors (such as grammatical) that obscure your meaning and get in the way of your argument or interrupt the flow of your paper.

Revision: Most experts on composition agree that the key to writing effectiveness is revision, or working through succeeding drafts, each an improvement and refinement over the preceding effort. I will be available to respond to preliminary drafts and offer suggestions for redrafting. The choice of whether or not to take advantage of this option is entirely yours, but I urge you to seriously consider it!

• Late papers will not be accepted. No exceptions so get started early.

• The writing assignment must be 8 to 10 pages (that means at least 8 full pages but not more than 10 full pages). A paper with less than 8 full pages or more than 10 full pages will receive a lower score. I will not read any information written after the tenth page.

• Part of your score depends on grammar and format. Pages must be numbered, typed, double-spaced using 12 pt. font, and with a 1” top/bottom/left/right margins.

• You must include references (footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical) and a bibliography or works cited page, which are in addition to the 8 to 10 page requirement. All research paper assignments must include at least 5 sources.
• No plastic or paper covers please. Just staple the document in the top left corner.

• Use consistent grammatical usage, following an acceptable guide or style manual. Remember, I must be able to understand what you are trying to say, if I am to give you full credit for your work. I suggest using clear headings for each new section, and use emphases (bold, italics, underline) when necessary to make your point. Have someone (classmate, friend, instructor) proof-read your paper at least once before your final draft.

• All resources obtained on the Internet must be properly cited. (Note: the most reliable research information on the Internet is from sites that end in edu., org., and/or gov. Other Internet sources may be nothing more than someone’s opinion, so choose your resources carefully.)

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