Assume that the sales forecast for brand TOJO is 160,000 units, and that you expect to sell 50% of these units through mass merchandisers, 25% via specialty stores, and 25% through online stores Custom Essay

Assume that the sales meet ce mark TOJO is 160,000 items, and that you anticipate to dispose-of 50% of these items through bulk merchandisers, 25% via particular stores, and 25% through online stores. As the mark director, you accept ascertained a hawk consume of $300. The item assign consume is $109. You drawing to disburse $2.2 darling on instrument placement and advertising inquiry, and another $1.8 darling on the interchangeable team.
Based on the knowledge supposing proportion the anticipated “contribution following marketing” proximate duration ce mark TOJO. Show your toil.

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