Argumentative Essay; Identify the roles of social network, ethical and legislative and other HRM issues in managing human resources Custom Essay

This essay should be an ‘argumentative essay’, and must therefore contain an argument that is used as the structuring element of the paper. The assignment is based on a case study that describes the impact of social network platforms (Facebook) on managing human resources in organisational context. The purpose of the essay is to identify the roles of social network, ethical and legislative and other HRM issues in managing human resources. You are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature relating to human resource management.

This item is based on the case study titled How Social is Your Network. You are
required to support your argument with appropriate theoretical discussion and references.The essay should be a properly constructed academic essay. It should contain an effective introduction, discussion body and conclusion. The introduction should introduce the essay, thesis statement (main objective of the task) and include your argument. The main body of the task should present the evidence you have collected to support your arguments and the conclusion should restate your arguments, summarise the evidence and make a conclusion regarding your arguments.

This assessment item involves researching your topic to enhance your understanding of Human Resource Management (HRM) concepts and utilisation of academic literature. You will be expected to present information and evidence from, and cite, at LEAST twelve (12) relevant peer-reviewed, academic
journal articles (minimum requirement). Refer to your recommended readings for examples of academic journals. While you can cite these articles, you must find twelve (12) peer reviewed journal articles not listed in the course materials. The quality and number of citations will demonstrate the breadth and depth of the literature used to answer the questions. The marker is interested in the analysis that you have developed from YOUR review of the literature and how
well you use the literature to respond to the topic. AVOID presenting a descriptive account ONLY of your readings. What is required in this assessment is a critical evaluation of the academic literature as it relates to the specific details of the case study.


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