Argumentative Essay: Capital Punishment Sherman Alexie Custom Paper

You may choose a piece of literature by any author that we read this semester or is in the book. The piece of literature does not have to be in the book, but the author must by represented in the book. You will write a 2000 word research paper and present the findings orally
Developing and supporting an analytical argument, researching and using persuasive authority, and orally presenting your position. This is a critical/analytical argument paper and not a general, informative paper. You must be able to apply your findings to an issue and draw a conclusion.
You must use and cite five (5) secondary sources. You should choose appropriate secondary sources. General sources such as encyclopedias or wikipedia may be consulted but not counted as a cite. All internet sites must be either from academic institutions or other authoritative and verifiable sources. Do not use other student’s websites or other general postings or wikipedia.
You must include an outline, a draft, a revised draft, final draft, and a works cited page. You must also include copies of any cited secondary sources. Your research material must be organized according to its appearance in your research paper.

You must present your paper in a two-pocket folder. Put the outline, drafts, and organized research in the left pocket. Put the final draft (your paper) with the works cited page attached to the paper on the right. You will have deadlines for each of these steps in the research process.

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